1.Good vibes tonight – con House Of Shem 2.On the road – con Tippa Irie 3.Gravy train is coming – con Blvk H3ro 4.Rebel love – con Inner Circle 5.Did you see that? – con Pablo Rider 6.You don’t call anymore – con Kioko 7.Me nah leave yet – con Gilly g 8.Love you now – con House Of Shem 9.Mi life action – con Slinger 10.My best friend’s girlfriend – con Winston Francis 11.Message of love – con House Of Shem 12.I’m alright – con Blvk H3ro 13.Show and prove – con Leno Banton 14.Whatever happened to the have nots? – con Blvk H3ro 15.Roots rock reggae – con General Zooz Escuchalo: YOTUBE
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